About Elsebeth Egholm and her books
Bestselling Danish novelist Elsebeth Egholm began her career behind the keyboards of a piano. She was a student of music as a performer at The Royal Academy of Music and at the Department of Musicology at the University of Aarhus, before she changed instrument and enrolled at the Danish School of Journalism, also based in her hometown of Aarhus. She spent a few years working for a daily newspaper, but by 1992 she was living with future husband, the late British author Philip Nicholson, in the Maltese island of Gozo, working as a freelance writer.

Eventually she began making a name for herself as the author of a string of well crafted short stories published in women's magazines in both Denmark and the other Nordic countries. Her first novel had three long time friends mourning the death of a fourth and facing a mysterious stranger. ‘The Free Women's Club' was published in 1999 to unanimous acclaim. In ‘Scirocco' (2000) and ‘Opium' (2001) she moved into the darker corners of family and marriage, and combined a fullgrown plot with an engaging dose of international suspense.

Then, in 2002, she introduced full time journalist and part time sleuth Dicte Svendsen in ‘Hidden Errors', a novel about a dead baby found in a creek in the middle of big city Aarhus. By the second and third book in the series, ‘Own Risk' (2004) and ‘Personal Damage' (2005), both author and heroine were well known and highly treasured in her homeland. ‘Next of Kin' was published in 2006, dramatically outselling the previous novels, and Elsebeth Egholm found herself published, or about to be published, in Germany, Holland, Sweden and Norway. Afterwards, in 2008, the novel 'Life and Limb' reached the bookshelves followed by 'Against All Odds' i 2009. 'Three Dog Night' was published i 2011.

Currently Elsebeth Egholm divides her time between living in Aarhus, as does Dicte Svendsen, and on the Maltese island of Gozo. 
Recently published:
Tre hundes nat, 2011 ('Three Dog Night')
Vold og magt, 2009 ('Against All Odds')
Liv og legeme, 2008 ('Life and Limb')
Nærmeste pårørende, 2006 ('Next of Kin')
Personskade, 2005 ('Personal Damage')
Selvrisiko, 2004 ('Own Risk')
Skjulte fejl og mangler, 2002 ('Hidden Errors')
Translation rights have been sold to the following countries: Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Norway, Italy, Iceland and France. Latest Miso Film has bought the television rights to the first six Dicte Svendsen novels.

Elsebeth Egholm can be reached at
Lars Ringhof Agency ApS
Nybrogade 22
1203 København K
Telephone (+45) 33 33 81 88
Cell: (+45) 27 11 13 13